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Ever since I joined Crossfit


I’ve been able to start every sentence with “Ever since I joined crossfit…”

And then this happened. #nyc #sunset

And then this happened. #nyc #sunset

Here’s the first episode of my new series with Adweek, Mad Woman. Lot’s of T&A in this video, but not mine, don’t worry.

My new brunch video is making the rounds on Huffington Post, College Humor and Buzzfeed. People must love brunch or something.

How to NOT be found guilty

Straight off the guilty verdict in the Jodi Arias trial, I’ve come up with a list of 5 ways to help be found innocent in a court of law. I hope these tips keep all of you future Jodi Arias from the slammer.

1. Make “sexy eyes” with Jury members, odds are, someone in that group thinks they have a chance with you. All you need is one person to claim your innocence, this will lead to a hung jury resulting in a mistrial.

2. When you take the stand this is your chance to show off your personality. The best way to win a court room is through natural charm. Say the prosecution asks “why did you murder your husband?” Follow up with “Because he went to Jared.” I swear, everyone will laugh and be like, yup, I’d kill my man too!

3. Be flirty! During cross examination always giggle a little bit when the prosecution speaks. Then follow it up with “has anyone ever told you you’re cute when you’re mad?”

4. Never look better than the Judge. There is a similar rule in weddings to never outshine the bride. So, even if you are naturally better looking than the Judge, rub some dirt on your face, at least they’ll know you’re trying.

5. Instead of whispering in your lawyers ear, reach out and give them a wet willy. The media will love your quirky mannerisms.

Really getting into YouTube lately. Check out the first episode of “The Lo-Down with Lauren Reeves”. I wrote all the jokes myself, I’m so sorry.

The Most Deranged Sorority Girl Email You Will Ever Read, now on video.

I’ve decided to become an entertainment reporter, but for the news! I hit the streets of NYC recently to get the scoop on Pope Francis, Hollywood’s hottest new heart throb.